Additional Acts


A strong image, hard, cold chains, twirling through space with monumental strength, juxtaposed with a small delicate woman who manipulates them with exquisite precision.  They are a stormy partner in her elegant dance. This emotionally charged experience will surprise and seduce with quick flashes of explosive dynamism, which will leave your head spinning and hypnotize you with gentle, fluid solace.

Vertical Rope

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Muse-Slow and spiraling the muse ascends her rope, winding and unwinding until she is entwined in a complicated sculptural knot. As she reaches the top, she finds she is supported and balanced by the weight of her partner, who is singing to her, from the other end of the rope. A continuous eb and flow of knotting and unknotting, falling and spinning, their relationship balances on an emotionally dynamic scale.


This is a Quantum-love story, the two protagonists are entangled in their reflection of each others worlds, entertwined in action and outcome.
The two are one in a firework of light, movement and sound.


Transported back to the smokey, jazzy atmosphere of the 1940s, the voice of Nina Simone compels a woman to gracefully climb a red fabric to heaven, only to suddenly drop her into the wild and dynamic rock-n-roll of Muse. Playful and charming, sensual and seductive, ethereal and physical, she moves seamlessly between the two worlds coaxing the audience into ‘Felling Good’!

Juggling Trio

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Drink of Luv- Dangerous, funny and exciting, this comedic, juggling, singing, dance routine, follows our character as he weaves through a club passing pattern, singing an original song, chasing his whisky and looking for love.