Franco & Lolla

Franco and Lolla are classic characters, timeless, as if they came out of a black and white crime drama. Lolla is cool, red, dangerous and as expensive as sports car. She is poised to run, jump, turn and dance her way into, and maybe on, your heart. Franco is a cool musician with a smoky–whiskey voice and attitude to go with it. He drinks a little too much, but that’s to be expected given his love life. They meet in a dream like memory where he literally sings her into existence. Using the unique apparatus, Counterweight Rope, Franco & Lolla twist, tangle, fly and jump through the air in a fantastically, mischevious love affair. Their world is anti-gravity, as she turns the tables on him, it’s clear he’s met his match. They twist and wind up into a dance of ecstasy, flying around the room and effortlessly reaching for the heavens. They are sensual, surprising and seductive, truly something to behold.